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    World’s Safest
    Veg & Meat Detoxifier
    Say Goodbye To Bacterias, Viruses & Pesticides
    With Ozone Washing

Veg & Meat

Say Goodbye To Bacterias,
Viruses & Pesticides With Ozone Washing
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100% Safe Food with Just 15 Minutes Ozone Wash

World’s Safest & Easiest Way To Clean Your Food Is Now Available In Your Kitchen!

Ozodip 2SD


Ozodip 2SD is an innovative product, ready to use, compact and velcro wall mountable specially designed for kitchens. It will occupy very minimal space in the kitchen as a niche product. It generates ozone gas to eliminate pesticides, dirts, chemicals, bacteria, viruses and fungus. It detoxifies all the impurities on the surface of vegetables, fruits, fish and meat to enhance the taste of purity and health. The detoxifier uses chemical free patented ozone technology which spontaneous decomposition without forming hazardous residues in the treatment process.

It is economical and must need products for your day to day life to live healthier. Design of the product is black shiny and aesthetically pleasing with the kitchen equipment.

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Ozodip Benefits

Removes Harmful Chemicals

Ozone removes harmful chemicals & pesticides while retaining its nutritional value

Kills Bacteria

High voltage power generates ozone to kill harmful bacteria, fungus & other pathogens

Maintains Food Freshness

Detoxifies the surface of food items, keeps fresh & increases the life of the food

Detoxifies Meat & Seafood

Effectively removes odour and cleans the surface of meat & sea food for consumption

Timer Functions

An automatic timer lets you preset the time 5 to 30 minutes depending on your requirement

Zero Maintenance

Using oxygen, ozone is generated, so it does not require any service or replacement parts


Ozone reduces microbial spoilage and weight loss of fruits & veggies, thus increase in shelf life


After Detoxification, ozone decomposes into oxygen, and so it does not change the flavor of vegetables and fruits


Ozone produce greater lethality rates for microorganisms than chlorine or other chemical sanitizing agents


Say Goodbye to bacteria, viruses & pesticides

A Healthy outside starts from the inside