Ozodip 2SD


Ozodip 2SD is an innovative product, ready to use, compact and velcro wall mountable specially designed for kitchens. It will occupy very minimal space in the kitchen as a niche product. It generates ozone gas to eliminate pesticides, dirts, chemicals, bacteria, viruses and fungus. It detoxifies all the impurities on the surface of vegetables, fruits, fish and meat to enhance the taste of purity and health. The detoxifier uses chemical free patented ozone technology which spontaneous decomposition without forming hazardous residues in the treatment process.

It is economical and must need products for your day to day life to live healthier. Design of the product is black shiny and aesthetically pleasing with the kitchen equipment.

How to Use ?

Ozone washing is very simple and safe. All we need is a glass or stainless steel bowl filled with water. Place the silicon tube from the Ozodip in the center of the bowl and immerse your vegetables or fruits in the water bowl. Now, switch ON the Ozodip. Press the Start button. Your fruits or vegetables or meat become safe to consume after detoxification. Maximum quantity of fruits or vegetables allowed in a batch for washing is 2 Kgs.

Features :

  • 8 Kg vegetables or fruits purification in an hour
  • Easy and safe washing of packaged foods
  • Compact wall mountable unit
  • Easy one-touch washing
  • Zero maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise generation

Technical Specifications :

Model : Ozodip 2SD
Colour : Charcoal black
Material : MS Liquid Coated
Dimension : 155 x 43 x 131
Weight : 800
Power consumption : 6 W
Operation : 15 minutes
Model Colour Material Dimension Weight Power consumption Operation
Ozodip 2SD Charcoal black MS Liquid Coated 155 x 43 x 131 800 6 W 15 minutes

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